Austin update: a great couple of days!

Well friends, I am thankfully over the chest cold that had me down and out most of the week. Yesterday I was feeling close to 100% again and celebrated by going for an impromptu massage at Blossom Organic Spa (one of the best massages I’ve ever had, which is saying a lot) followed by a lunch of BBQ Tofu, mashed potatoes and black eyed peas. (Black eyed peas actually seem to be similar to baked beans and I can’t say I liked them much.)  Meal pictured here for your viewing pleasure (You probably can’t tell if I’m being sarcastic or not since whether looking at this meal is pleasurable or not is up for debate. And I’m not telling. But I can say it was delicious.):

mothers meal

After that I met our friend and her friends at a bar where people just pull up in their trucks/cars, open the back and have what amounts to a tailgate party in the parking lot, with beer bought inside the bar! People also bring lawn chairs and just set up outside. So, seeing as this was a beer-only bar, our friend brought me vodka in a water bottle (thanks, friend!) which we mixed with lemonade purchased at the gas station nearby. After a while we decided to go to a restaurant not far off, but when we arrived I once again found myself in an establishment that only had a beer and wine license. However, the server informed us that if we had our own booze they could pour it for us. Because I was already sort of drunk and feeling brazen, I asked if they would even pour a pre-mixed drink that we brought in a lemonade bottle. Why yes, yes they would! So if you can imagine,  I hand him my lemonade spiked with vodka and he brings a portion of it back in a glass with ice. And he didn’t even charge a pour fee!  God bless America.

Today, our friend’s friend invited me to go paddleboarding, and we went out in the lake-that-looks-like-a-river. If we’d had a picture of us, it would have been like this:

paddleboarding (this photo of random people was taken last week – I didn’t have my camera today.)

We also went to a farmer’s market and got a vegan cupcake:

vegan cupcake (lemon-blackberry… with a bite out of it)

And saw the new, very cool looking courthouse:

new Austin courthouse

Finally, on my bike ride home (after some Daytime Drinks with our friend and friends) I passed a house in a quiet residential neighbourhood with an honest-to-god, giant metal T-Rex in the front yard:

T-Rex RAAAWWWRRRR! Austin is so weird. Hence their city motto: Keep Austin Weird.

After this folks, it’s one more day until I fly to Mexico to meet some of our friends! I’ll be gone until Friday and will not have my computer, so it’ll be silencio on this site until I’m back in Austin. Tomorrow night there is a group of us meeting up to watch GoT at a new place…. perhaps Buster Bluth will make a guest appearance on the show to help the Kingslayer adjust to his new… precidament: [SPOILER ALERT]

Then again, maybe that’s not the best idea.


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