Star of new Superman film was a D&D nerd in high school…

… and isn’t afraid of sharing his interest in fantasy games that ostracised him in school! As discussed by Vancouver’s Lainey Gossip, found here:

I have to admit I had to google ‘Freebie Five’ after reading this, but it’s the same compilation of CILF’s (Celebs ILF, that you can tap without permission from your spouse) that I just refer to as my ‘top five list’. Freebie Five has a spunkier ring to it though, so I’m adopting it!  (I must admit, I thought ‘Freebie Five’ might be some reference to what is also known as a ‘reach-around’, you know, five fingers and all… and I was thinking how bold it was for Lainey to talk about this given she’s pretty well known and appears on the CTV morning show once a week…)


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