Kick-Ass 2

If you saw the first Kick-Ass movie, you no doubt love the scene found at the link below, where we get to see Hit Girl really, well, kick ass. (Her part starts at 2:48)

Who doesn’t love to see a masked 12 year old girl calling people ‘cunts’?? (Ok, a lot of people wouldn’t like that, but they are unlikely to be reading this blog.) Maybe, fingers crossed, she’ll get to use the ‘cunt punt’ phrase which I first heard in that sorority letter read by Michael Shannon!! Dare to dream…

So the new Kick-Ass 2 movie is coming out soon, and I’m totes psyched. McLovin as Motherfucker? Awesome!  (I’ll leave the Jim-Carrey-rejects-the-movie-he-stars-in story to every mainsteam media outlet currently covering it.) Here are a few trailers to help get us excited!





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