Music is not the universal language

This just in: the eight musical notes about which an entire song was sung in the Sound of Music are NOT the same across other languages! One note is different: Ti (‘a drink with jam and bread’) is, in fact, ‘Si’ in French, Spanish, Japanese, Portugese and Hebrew (the sample of my French class) and likely other langages. WTF? My world was rocked upon learning this little nugget of info.

En anglais:

En every other language, apparently:

But it’s ‘ “tea” with jam and bread!’  Aaaaand NOW I have to post the Sound of Music flash mob video, cuz I love the Sound of Music and came across it on youtube. Of particular note: ‘TI with jam and bread’. Oh, and it goes all funky part way through. (We’ll forgive them for doing the Macarena, because I’m sure it’s hard to think up easy-to-learn dance moves for a couple hundred people.)


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