Montreal Update

It’s Sunday morning and I can’t sleep anymore even though I was awake past 2am… so I’ll put together a li’l update for y’all.


sunflower Much of October has actualy been quite warm – the first week around 20 degrees! – but it’s gotten cooler and at times, rainy. It always seems to be windy which means the rain doesn’t last long but it can be frickin’ cold. The ivy on my front balcony is now red, instead of green:

t's house red leaves It used to look like this: tania's house montreal

Because I’m in the centre of the city I don’t see tons o’ trees en masse so I haven’t posted any pics of ‘the colours’ as I only see them individually or in small clusters. But they sure are perty!

Plus Chats Pas Perdus:

cat not lost 2 These cats are not lost and they have a nice happy home!

cat not lost 3 This cat is ALSO not lost! And in fact, I have my own proof of a chat pas perdu:

kitten This is my friend’s recently-found kitten, who is incredibly cute and a total fucking terror for around 2 hours after s/he’s eaten… s/he goes mental and tears around the place, biting cords, scratching feet, jumping on the hot stove, literally bouncing off the walls. But the s/he goes to sleep and looks all sweet and you forget the this creature is a maniac.

Halloween is coming:

I was hanging out with my 14 year old ‘niece’ yesterday, practicing our Halloween makeup and making the final (and most important) piece of my costume! She’s so awesome. She’s going as an anime-type girl with a Day of the Dead-style face: day of the dead makeup (This is not her but it’s more or less the design she’s using).

As for me, I was trying to get my eyes right – I don’t have the stick-on jewels yet but I think it will be something along these lines: eye 1 There will be more colour though, the flash sort of washes it out! Anyhoo, I’m finishing my costume this week (with the help of a friend’s design from home, thank you friend!) and will be going to Montreal’s version of Fright Night at La Ronde (like Playland) on Thursday… before heading to this month’s Strip Spelling Bee! Oh, and yesterday there were zombies on the bus going down to the huge Zombie Walk that took place (incidentally, it was also taking place around the globe – in Chile, for example). I had to miss it because making my costume was paramount. Oh, the choices we face in life!

Pics from Montreal’s Zombie Walk:

Protest against the Charter:

charter protest Today I’ll be heading down to a protest against the Quebec Charter of Values with my roommate, her sis, and presumably a lot of other people. As I’ve mentioned before,  it actually makes me so angry I can’t commit much space to it here.  However, here’s a poster to government put out to explain what it means to do:

charter poster

And a comic that indicates its interpretation by many: charter comic

And a recruitment ad from Ontario that is kind of a ‘fuck you’ to Quebec:toronto sign

(Of note: the government has said that it won’t require crosses to be removed from the walls of public institutions, therefore demonstrating that not all religions will be affected equally.)

Update: Here are a few pics from the protest today, organized by No One Is Illegal:

grumpy cat no Grumpy Cat says: Charter of Values? No.

queers against charterje suis libre

And because I can’t leave this posting on a bummer note, here are some fun pics from NYC Comic Con!

goat man anime costumestwo face and spidey   (click this link for amazing costumes! The site won’t let me save the pics so I can post them myself my they are totes worth seeing!)


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