Nerd Block: themed toy subscription service

nerdblock-nov-box nerdblock box

A friend just told me about Nerd Block, a toy subscription box that you receive monthly. You can choose which theme you want your toys chosen from: Arcade Block, Nerd Block Classic, Horror Block, Nerd Block Jr. And for under $25 per month (it says it is even as low as $13.99) you will receive a box like those pictured here, filled with fun pop-culture referencing toys. As someone for whom Etsy is a great economic vulnerability, knowledge of Nerd Block is highly risky. As, I suspect, it is for at least one or two of you out there. (I’m thinking of YOU, friend. But who can resist a collectible??) I don’t love how the site divides Nerd Block Jr. into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ toys, but hopefully they’ll receive some feedback on that and see the error in their ways.




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