Game of Thrones night at Bambudda

mother of dragons

Tonight the Gastown resto bar Bambudda hosted a GoT-themed evening, with their drink and food menu based on the worlds of Westeros. The Mother of Dragons cocktail was, naturally, doused in flames, while the Milk of the Poppy looked like a concoction that Maester Pycelle would suggest to ease the world’s pain. The food menu featured meaty delicacies such as ‘Stallion Heart’ Tartare and Dry Fried Ribs in a dragon’s blood glaze. Nothing here for vegans like me aside from delicious drinks served by a very gracious and friendly mixologist who was definitely getting a workout every time he shook up the next cocktail. There was a photog for costumes but alas, no one came in dressed up while I was there. It was a reservation-only event that my friend and I managed to slip into by sitting at the bar for only an hour or so. They played the GoT score from Season 4 from what I heard (yes, I’ve watched it so many times I recognize the score). I appreciate any place that hosts a Game of Thrones-themed anything, and will definitely head back to Bambudda the next time I’m seeking out a place for drinks in Gastown!

bambudda menu 1

bambudda menu 2

red wedding


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