This Weeks’ Edition of: Our Fave GoT Recaps

[I am having trouble embedding the Gay of Thrones video so I can only provide the link to the site, sorry!]

In truth, Gay of Thrones is only moderately funny this week (sorry, J!), so it’s a great relief to see that the GoT Facebook Recap is back!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:


And here’s an extra: The Entertainment Weekly review of Episode 2, which features links to interviews with Brienne and Jaqen J’ghar. The second one is quite interesting as it brings up some point about Jaqen that are quite intriguing…. (Jaqen!! Yes!! So friggin’ stoked to have him back!)

Update: I just came across this article, which posits a pretty kick-ass theory (based on the show, not on the books, so no spoilers) about who Jaqen might be…. love it!! (I have a friend who threw this idea out there a while ago, given we never actually saw a certain someone die back at the end of season one……… #firstswordofbraavos4eva!!!)


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