Deadpool: The World’s First Pansexual (-ish) Superhero


As readers of this site will know, I make no claim to having all (or any) of the knowledge when it comes to comics. So I rely on my friends and the media to inform me about things like this.

Deadpool first appeared in comic books in 1991 and was played by Reynolds in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. An erratic, disfigured mercenary in a tight red suit, Deadpool is a wise-cracking antihero who often breaks the fourth wall and whose super-ability is an accelerated capacity for healing. The comics show the character propositioning Spider-Man and flirting with both genders; recent trailers and a fireside promotional further suggest the movie will follow suit.

Now that’s all fine and well to say, but if you’re gonna say this, you need to present the evidence that something approaching alternative sexualities are going to be included, and from the trailer, it looks pretty hetero to me.

The occasional flirtation does not represent sexual diversity. Give us a makeout, or a sex scene! Give us something tangible. Otherwise it feels like he’s being promoted as sexually edgy when in fact nothing is being risked.


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