Dear HBO: Fuck YOu

jon snow poster

Friends, WordPress seems to have a new format and it won’t let me type after I insert the picture so hopefully I can do this in a way that actually works. (Fuck you too, WordPress.)

So, shocking absolutely no one, Jon Snow survives. How, is TBD (although my vote is with fucking Milisandre, gods dammit). For me the pisser is that HBO had the producers and actors all stating, definitively, and with passion, that he was dead. And in fact, even while he was being stabbed repeatedly I felt the jaded disappointment of knowing that he was going to survive this mutinous murder attempt. I was shocked when people thought that he might actually be (that is, stay) dead.

That being said… admittedly I am looking forward to the role he plays in what comes next. Will Tormund still be his new bestie? Will he be reunited with any of his siblings? Will he and his sister, Princess Leia – er, Queen Daenerys – meet up and ride dragons into Kings Landing and/or the land of the icy undead? So many questions. (Just in case you would like to know where we stand in the waiting game: approximately 22 weeks to go, friends.)



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