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Study ‘Cameo Acting’ with the World’s #1 Expert: Stan Lee

Thank you, Kevin Smith, for your wit!

And in case you’re a little rusty on Stan Lee’s cameo catalogue, take a looksee here:


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Will Farrell Sings the Star Trek TOS Theme Song (fairly accurately)

First, the original song (accompanied by cheesy pictures):

Now, Will Farrell singing the female voice part of that theme song:

A silly way to spend 60 seconds of your life. You’re welcome.

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Fifty Shades of Buscemi

Gawd bless whoever took the time to put this silly thing together.

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Zachary Quinto/James Franco/Charlie Carver threesome – yes please!

zack james charlie trio

Indie flick I Am Michael – about a gay activist that turns into an anti-gay Christian fundamentalist – will feature James Franco and Zachary Quinto as boyfriends who take home Charlie Carver. I’m sure the movie will be excellent, but at this point I’m mostly interested in seeing its hot boy-on-boy-on-boy action – because sometimes shallow pervy-ness trumps artistic and political interests.

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Phillip Seymour Hoffman 1967 – 2014. I just can’t accept it.

philip-seymour-hoffman-picture-2 How can this be true?? I am a huge fan and would see just about any movie if he was in it. He was 46 years old! And a gifted actor. And, clean and sober for 23 of those 46 years.  Fucccckkkkkkkkkkk.

From The Village Voice:

Pay attention to newspapers long enough, and you’ll realize that they assign obituaries in advance so that they’re ready to go when some august presence exits this planet. That’s possible because the arc of a life, even a great one, usually has become apparent by the years before its end. (Of course, that’s not always true. Can you imagine how many times in the last year the Times has adjusted the intro to Woody Allen’s obit?)

Today, they’ve all been caught flatfooted. Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the greatest actors of his or any other generation, has died well before the full arc of his life should have been clear to anyone. Early reports blame heroin, which may compound the tragedy, making it another demonstration of the weakness shared by all of us — as that damnable drug has proven again and again, even human genius is no match for it.

Rather than an arc, here’s two points, recently plotted, that I think reveal something of the breadth of Hoffman’s talent and dedication to his art.

His turn in the latest Hunger Games film demonstrated that it’s still possible, in that Alec Guinness way, to appear in a franchise without becoming a cog in its machinery. His first appearance in Catching Fire, at a garish ball, is sprung on the audience like a little trap. Suddenly, he’s just there, sweeping Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss into a suggestive, discomfiting dance.

He’s secretive and self-amused, wickedly charismatic, possessed of that unlikely radiance simmmering inside only the greatest screen actors. He’s the only person in the (pretty good!) movie who holds the screen with Lawrence — the sparks kindled between them catch much more fire than we ever feel between Katniss and her wannabe boyfriends. It’s no coincidence that her scene with Hoffman is Lawrence’s best in the film; in its controlled, coiled-up wit, it’s also superior, to my mind, to her Oscar-nominated shout-match with Amy Adams in American Hustle..

That Hunger Games sequel appeared late in 2013 in thousands of theaters. But don’t think that meant Hoffman was going the route of just turning in a couple days of sparkling work for blockbuster money. In the spring of that same year, he inspired a brace of similarly great performances in just one theater, Manhattan’s Labyrinth, in the premiere of Bob Glaudini’s A Family for All Occasions. The play was intimate, upsetting, wonderfully acted, as raw as skinned knees, its characters — an unhappy, downwardly mobile family — desperate for any taste of the happiness that American life is supposed to promise. Hoffman’s direction was superb; when the kids and parents clawed at each other, having no one else to claw at, the show proved an urgent, human heartbreaker, alert to all the ugly feelings that have animated so many of Hoffman’s own great performances over the years.

This paper deemed the show “an unhappy triumph”; I was looking forward to his next directorial effort just as much as I was looking forward to his next ferociously honest character role — and his next swanning turn in some blockbuster.

Rest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman. And fuck heroin. ~

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Cory Monteith from Glee died in Vancouver.

cory monteith

It has now been confirmed that Cory Montieth – Finn Hudson from Glee – entered his hotel room on Saturday morning and was found dead hours later due to a lethal mixture of heroin and alcohol. He was 31 years old. This is terrible and tragic news.

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Michael Shannon – sorority letter

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I’m pretty sure this video will make up for lost time. May I present: Michael Shannon, who does intense-psycho better than almost anyone (besides maybe Bobby Cannavale – that is one hectic motherfucker), reading word-for-word a letter by a young woman addressed to her fellow sorority sisters.

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Patrick Stewart is a feminist… just like you would assume he would be.

picardPatrick Stewart Shares Sweet Moment With Domestic Violence Survivor at Comicpalooza

An event called Comicpalooza hardly sounds like a forum for a profound discussion on domestic violence against women. But that’s exactly what took place during a Q&A with Star Trek‘s Sir Patrick Stewart this past Memorial Day weekend in Houston.

Stewart, 72, was taking questions from fans about the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past — which he called “the X-Men of all X-Men pictures” and “the blockbuster of 2014” — when audience member Heather Skye approached the mic with a special message for the star.

Mentioning the actor’s recent speech on domestic violence at an Amnesty International event, Skye said his words had helped her through some personal “turmoil.” She then asked him what he was most proud of having done in his life, aside from acting.

Stewart’s response was a long, impassioned speech about his own experience with abuse, and how that had inspired his advocacy work with various organizations. “The work that I do in campaigns about violence towards women, particularly domestic violence, grew out of my own childhood experience,” he told the crowd, explaining how his dad abused his mom after returning from World War II.

“I do what I do in my mother’s name, because I couldn’t help her then,” he said. “Now I can.”

What happened next is best told from Skye’s perspective. She detailed the experience on her blog, Lemon Sweetie.

“They were about to move onto the next question when Sir Patrick looked at me and asked me, ‘My dear, are you okay?'” she recalled. “I said yes, and that I was finally able to move on from that part of my life. He then passionately said that his mother had done nothing to provoke his father and that even if she had, violence was never, ever a choice a man should make. That it is in the power of men to stop violence toward women.”

Stewart’s statement earned him a standing ovation from the audience. When the applause died down, the moderator asked if Skye wanted a hug.

“Sir Patrick didn’t even hesitate,” she wrote on her blog. “He smiled, hopped off the stage, and came over to embrace me in a hug…He told me, ‘You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now.'”

“His embrace was so warm and genuine,” she continued. “It was two people, two strangers, supporting and giving love. And when we pulled away he looked straight in my eyes, like he was promising that. He told me to take care. And I will.”

This article originally appeared on Patrick Stewart Shares Sweet Moment With Domestic Violence Survivor at Comicpalooza


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Star of new Superman film was a D&D nerd in high school…

… and isn’t afraid of sharing his interest in fantasy games that ostracised him in school! As discussed by Vancouver’s Lainey Gossip, found here:

I have to admit I had to google ‘Freebie Five’ after reading this, but it’s the same compilation of CILF’s (Celebs ILF, that you can tap without permission from your spouse) that I just refer to as my ‘top five list’. Freebie Five has a spunkier ring to it though, so I’m adopting it!  (I must admit, I thought ‘Freebie Five’ might be some reference to what is also known as a ‘reach-around’, you know, five fingers and all… and I was thinking how bold it was for Lainey to talk about this given she’s pretty well known and appears on the CTV morning show once a week…)

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