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Alice Through the Looking Glass – trailer!

I didn’t even know this movie was on its way, TBH. And the first one was pretty weak, so I’m not sure how much to hope for with the second installment. However, Sacha Baron Cohen plays the baddie, which is always fun.

SBC looking glass

For the other character posters, click here: 


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Beetlejuice Sequel Coming!!!

When I was 16, I dressed very similarly to Lydia and did my bangs in little points like hers. Tim Burton made this movie in 1988 and it was one early example of his original ‘strange and unusual’ imagination that let us know he was a genius. Disney, of course, has undermined his freaky foundations, but here’s hoping this will help bring his true nature back.

Winona Ryder just confirmed that aTim BurtonBeetlejuice sequel is officially happening!

The 43-year-old actress, who starred in the original Beetlejuice back in 1988, disclosed the information on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“I think I can confirm it, because Tim Burton did this interview—like, it was very hush hush, top secret…and then he was doing some press for Big Eyes and he did an on-camera interview and he said, ‘Oh yeah we’re doing it and Winona’s going to be in it,’ and I was like [shocked face],” Winona said.

There are so many potential costumes to be worn to opening night, I feel like I might have to drive to several suburbs to take advantage of them all.

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Sweeeeet. Angelina Jolie playing a badass and Lorde (oops! It’s not Lorde, it’s Lana Del Rey) doing her twisted spin on a Disney classic. Oh, and then there are those killer tree warriors on horses… May 30th now has a calendar entry.

I liked Lainey Gossip’s post so much I’m re-posting it here, for your reading pleasure:

A new trailer for Maleficent aired last night during the Grammys. MUUUUUUUCH better than the sh-tty CGI previews we’ve seen so far. The effects still look Spice Girls Viva Forever and it is Disney, after all, so we’ll be holding hands by the end of it, no doubt, but the focus this time is on Angelina Jolie’s personality. She’s playing. She’s winking. She’s delivering her lines with just enough extra and a satisfying amount of BITCH.

This is what we’ve been missing, non?

Angelina Jolie has been a saint for the better part of a decade. All she ever does is GOOD. It’s so much good. Once in a while, don’t you want to just see her bust out the goddamn c-nt?!

You do. I know you do. And I know you had the same thrill I had at the very end, when she delivers that line…   ~

“There’s evil in this world. Hatred, and revenge”…followed by a sarcastic chuckle. Now picture her doing it in Jennifer Aniston’s face. SEE?

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Her: a movie to make you feel all your feelings

her I went to this movie not knowing what it was really about, and it was the best way to see it, so I’m not going to say much except SEE THIS MOVIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I saw 4 different movies in 8 days and despite it sending me into an existential spiral around relationships, I saw this one a second time within 48 hours. The soundtrack isn’t for purchase as a set tracklist but there is some great music in there, including the score by none other than Arcade Fire.  Her is a unique and beautiful film worth the full $12.99 it costs to see it on a weekend. Go. Soon.

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ads for Catholic School take aim at the Myths of Disney

you're not a princess

life is not a fairy tale

dont wait for a prince mirror mirror on the wall

A Kentucky Catholic School for girls has a great new ad campaign. Read more in this story from

Metastasized princess culture is responsible for all manner of social ills — the wedding-industrial complex, Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire? (strong timely cultural reference), and holiday jewelry ads, to name a few. Probably land mines. Now, one ad campaign is aiming to stop The Princess Problem at the source: by telling girls that their lives aren’t going to be all birds doing their hair and bland princes with brushes on the shoulders of their suit jackets. But that’s not the most refreshing part: the entity behind the ads is a Catholic school.

Kentucky’s Mercy Academy, an all-girls college prep school, is urging prospective students to “prepare for real life” and “learn how to rescue yourself.” AdWeek calls this cool and refreshing, a progressive break from the sort of rhetoric a person might expect from a religious academy (although, nitpick: I was a practicing Catholic from the time my parents baptized me until I was in my mid-twenties, and I never remember emerging from CCD thinking, oh man, this religion is REALLY SETTING ME UP to be taken care of by a man who’s gonna spoil me! But I digress.).

Is “You are not a princess” jarring? Sure. Fun-spoiling? Maybe. But telling girls that fairy tales aren’t real isn’t nearly as jarring and fun-spoiling as the realization that no human being’s hair will ever be as fabulous as Ariel’s hair was under the sea, nor will anyone’s swept-aside bangs ever make that perfect gravity-defying side-wave so many of the princesses sport. Most little girls with princess dreams realize on their own that Mickey is a lying sack of mouse shit. But for those who don’t, or haven’t by the time they’re starting to think about high school, this ad campaign is a helpful reminder. ~

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The World’s End – trailer

If you are a fan of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, like I am, you will be excited to hear that a third movie (and final one in this series according to the director) is going to be released soon. Lots of the same actors and some similar themes as the previous two. Yay!


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Pineapple Express 2 trailer….

…. all part of the genius of This is the End! More to come on that front – a friend and I are going to write our reviews after a second viewing – so in the meantime, here’s a piece of the magic.

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Kick-Ass 2

If you saw the first Kick-Ass movie, you no doubt love the scene found at the link below, where we get to see Hit Girl really, well, kick ass. (Her part starts at 2:48)

Who doesn’t love to see a masked 12 year old girl calling people ‘cunts’?? (Ok, a lot of people wouldn’t like that, but they are unlikely to be reading this blog.) Maybe, fingers crossed, she’ll get to use the ‘cunt punt’ phrase which I first heard in that sorority letter read by Michael Shannon!! Dare to dream…

So the new Kick-Ass 2 movie is coming out soon, and I’m totes psyched. McLovin as Motherfucker? Awesome!  (I’ll leave the Jim-Carrey-rejects-the-movie-he-stars-in story to every mainsteam media outlet currently covering it.) Here are a few trailers to help get us excited!




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Star of new Superman film was a D&D nerd in high school…

… and isn’t afraid of sharing his interest in fantasy games that ostracised him in school! As discussed by Vancouver’s Lainey Gossip, found here:

I have to admit I had to google ‘Freebie Five’ after reading this, but it’s the same compilation of CILF’s (Celebs ILF, that you can tap without permission from your spouse) that I just refer to as my ‘top five list’. Freebie Five has a spunkier ring to it though, so I’m adopting it!  (I must admit, I thought ‘Freebie Five’ might be some reference to what is also known as a ‘reach-around’, you know, five fingers and all… and I was thinking how bold it was for Lainey to talk about this given she’s pretty well known and appears on the CTV morning show once a week…)

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